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Brittany Wood's Voices of Brittany 28 under 28: A Black History Month Podcast Note: Black History Month is not just only celebrated on February. It can be celebrated all the time! In this podcast, hosted by Brittany Woods Middle School in University City, MO located in St. Louis, MO Each episode will feature any black individual that has made an impact or influenced others by their work. Brittany Woods Middle Schoolers are the voice of this educational podcast and will choose an influencer that they want to "drop knowledge about" The only catch is that the person has to be under 30. If they choose someone over 30, the knowledge dropper will talk about their work influencing others that took place in their 20's

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Wednesday Feb 24, 2021

Happy Weds Everyone! It is beautiful once again in St. Louis and we are taking our podcast on a lunch break with one of my old coworker from Brittany and closest friends Ashreale Mcdowell where she talks about her dance company CKDC and its impact on black voices and black dancers in the city of St. Louis https://www.ckdc.org/supportckdc

Tuesday Feb 23, 2021

Happy Beautiful Tuesday Family! On this Tuesday Edition Voices of Brittany, from my bestie in Kansas City, shared with me an article of 16 Black LGBTQIA+ people that have made an impact on the world so today we showcase them. The Link to the article is below https://www.nbcnews.com/feature/nbc-out/black-history-month-17-lgbtq-black-pioneers-who-made-history-n1130856

Monday Feb 22, 2021

Happy Monday Everyone! It's a new week and that means new opportunities. In this teacher edition of Voices of Brittany, we sit one on one with the awesome Mrs. Bennett talking about Business and how she's making a difference with her classroom

Friday Feb 19, 2021

Happy Friday Everyone! On this episode of Voices of Brittany, Casey, Leela, Milo, Taylor, Addie and myself dropping knowledge on Space and the first black female astronaut Mae. C. Jemison with Mr. Collier and Mrs. Halbert's class

Thursday Feb 18, 2021

Welcome to this special episode of Voices of Brittany 28 under 28.  We are almost to Friday and to celebrate that Ms. Wehmeyer introduces Mrs. Thompson-Small sharing an awesome Black History App her students are creating 

Thursday Feb 11, 2021

Happy Friday Everyone! Welcome to the 2nd episode of Voices of Brittany 28 under 28. We have 8th grader Jared Porter speaking about the inspirational Amanda Gorman.

Monday Feb 08, 2021

Welcome to this special episode of Voices of Brittany 28 under 28. Ms. Wehmeyer introduces Ms. Johnson, Ms. Lehr and Ms. West sharing their students upcoming project for Black History Month - Black Excellence

Thursday Feb 04, 2021

Welcome to the 1st episode of Voices of Brittany 28 under 28. Ms. Wehmeyer kicks off the podcast with introducing Mrs. McCadney and Mrs. McPherson's Science class learning about Nyeeam Hudson 

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